eyebrow threading

From $15

Remove unwanted hair from your face with threading. We use organic thread to reduce pain. Recommended every 2-3 weeks.


eyebrow tint, henna brow tint, brow tinting, eyebrow tint

From $15

Remove unwanted hair from your face with threading. We use organic thread to reduce pain. Recommended every 3-4 weeks.



From $15

Flaunt your smooth and even skin fearlessly. We offer face and body waxing for men and women.


From $50

Hydrate, nourish, cleanse and clear your skin with regular deep-cleansing facial treatments.

Eyelash Extensions

lash lift, eyelash extensions,

From $89

Get the lashes of your dreams as you choose from a variety of extension options.

Eyelash Lift

From $65

Uplift, curl, and elongate your natural lashes with this nourishing perming treatment.

Eyebrow Lamination

From $50

Perm your brow hair to get an uplifted, in-trend look that fills all gaps and fixes dry, unruly, frazzled-looking brows.


From $30

Look your best at any occasion, or just in general, with the makeup look of your choice.

Dermalogica Facial & Products

From $150

Luxurious and deeply nourishing dermalogica facials with the best massage and after-care products.

Hair Color

From $60

Regrowth, full color (single), hair foils, baby-lights and other hottest hair colors that are in-trend.

Hair Cuts

From $25

Get the best-styled hair cuts for men, women, kids, and seniors from our experts. Restyle your look and feel confident about yourself.

Hair Styles

From $30

A variety of buns, braids, knots, twists, pleats, and much more for girls and ladies.

Wash & Blow Waves

From $60

Shampoo, conditioner, treatment, dry-off, and blow-wave styles (straight, wavy, curly, etc).

Permanent Hair Straightening

From $299

Achieve smoother, silkier and straight hair for a whole year with the re-bonding technology of a permanent hair straightening treatment.

Keratin Treatment

From $199

Puts the protein back into your hair, while rebuilding damaged areas and smoothing the cuticles, which increases shine and decreases frizz.


From $280

Balayage gets you a softer and more natural looking result than traditional foil highlights, as regrowth lines are less noticeable.

Hair Extensions

hair extensions

From $199

Experiment with different hair styles, colors, textures, and looks by getting hair extensions.

Men’s Style Perm

From $80

A hair perming treatment converts your dull, boring, straight hair to loose waves or tight curls and adds fullness.

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