Project Description

Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent Hair Straightening


Get straight, silky and shiny hair

Unlock the secret to effortlessly sleek and stunning hair with our permanent hair straightening treatment! Say goodbye to frizz, curls, and endless styling struggles. Our advanced procedure, featuring cutting-edge techniques like thermal reconditioning, will transform your locks into a straight, smooth masterpiece that lasts for months. Picture waking up every day to effortlessly gorgeous hair, no matter the weather.

  • Long term solution to tame frizzy hair

  • Repairs damaged hair during the process

  • Result’s aren’t affected by weather conditions

  • Lasts 6-8 months

Permanent hair straightening refers to a treatment with a simple process: our expert hairdresser will apply a specially formulated straightening solution, followed by a touch of heat magic to reshape your hair’s structure. The results? Hair that’s not only straight but also unbelievably shiny and easy to manage. Forget the daily battle with styling tools; our treatment reduces your daily routine, giving you more time for what matters. Results last up to one year.

Keep in mind that “permanent” doesn’t mean forever. It just refers to the duration of one life cycle of your hair (until new hair comes out).

Our Prices

Service Price (from)
Permanent Hair Straightening* $299
Retouch $150

*price starting from

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.