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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions


Voluminous hair with extensions

Experiment with different hair styles and looks by getting hair extensions at Maxi Care Beauty Salon. We offer a variety of hair extensions that come in multiple colors, textures, lengths and styles to give our clients the best option. Here are some benefits of getting hair extensions:

  • Easy maintenance

  • Gives you voluminous & longer hair

  • Major confidence booster

  • Feels like your natural hair

  • Look younger and nicer

  • Add instant length

You no longer have to wait or be patient for your hair to grow back. Hair extensions will give you the ability to add instant length, that is usually about 12 to 22 inches, depending on the brand or method used to fit them in.

If you are someone with thin and fine hair, you can also benefit from hair extensions. By using hair extensions, your hair will appear thick from root to tip!

Soon after their application, hair extensions will start to feel like your natural hair, making daily maintenance a breeze. With the exception of not using oils or silicone-based products at the root, your daily routine can for the most part remain the same.

If clipped in, removed, and cared for properly and professionally, clip-in hair extensions cause absolutely no damage to your hair. Permanent hair extensions, on the other hand, are applied with glue, or physically bonded to small strands of hair and involve some risk of damage to the roots of your hair as well as risk of pulling and discomfort.

Our Prices


Watergarden Outlet

Chirnside Outlet
Half Head Weft $199* $199*
Full Head Weft $399* $399*
Re-Fit $150 $150
Re-Apply $50 $50
Re-Tape $50 $50
Remove $50 $50

*price starting from

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