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Dermalogica Facials & Products

Dermalogica Facials and Products


Custom Facials using Dermalogica Systems, starting $149

Dermalogica facial systems aim to improve skin health, address concerns, and promote a radiant complexion through a combination of professional-grade products and expert techniques tailored to individual needs.

  • Assessment & Prep

  • Double-cleanse

  • Exfoliation (dead-cells)

  • Extractions (black/white heads)

  • Steam

  • Targeted treatment creams and serums

  • Massage

  • Under-eye care

  • Moisturisation

  • Sun protection

Swear by a facial routine to get clearer and more beautiful skin.

If you aren’t into facials yet, your skin is missing out on something that’s really good for it. Facials are much more than just an hour of sheer bliss at a salon. Getting a facial regularly will have loads of benefits that one just can’t afford to miss these days. Results achieved with a facial at a salon are really not possible with DIY stuff at home.

Home Care Recommendations

System Purpose
Daily Skin Health designed to deliver your best skin daily.
Age Smart control ageing triggers before they start.
Clear Start treat, repair, & prevent breakouts, acne and blackheads.
UltraCalming lasting relief from sensitivity flare-ups.
Biolumin-C vitamin-c skincare products.
Powerbright get uneven skin tone under control.
Active Clearing clears breakouts and visible signs of premature skin aging.
Body Collection restorative, relaxing, and ritualistic body products.
Kits bundled-up product combinations for ultimate care.

Note: All products are available at 10% OFF the RRP.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.