Project Description

Blow Waves

Blow Waves


Hair straightening, curls & waves

Transform your locks effortlessly with our premium styling services! Say goodbye to frizz and hello to silky smooth hair with our professional hair straightening treatments. Embrace elegant curls that last all day with our expert curling techniques. Or opt for glamorous waves with our signature blowout service, perfect for any occasion. Elevate your style and step into confidence with our tailored hair solutions.

  • Perfect for special occasions, events, or everyday wear

  • Can be customized to create different styles, from straight and sleek to curly or wavy

  • Helps to tame frizz and flyaways for a polished appearance

  • Offers versatility for various hair lengths, types, and styles


Watergarden Outlet

Straight (blow-out/flat-iron) from $50
Curls (blow-out/curling wand) from $60
Waves (blow-out/waver wand) from $70
Shampoo wash, conditioner & treatment from $15
Wash & dry-off from $25

Additional charges apply due to hair length.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.