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Balayage & Ombre

Balayage & Ombre


Balayage & Ombre Highlights

Balayage is a French word that means sweep. The hair color is painted directly on sections of the hair and is brushed down the hair shaft in soft strokes. Cotton strips are used at the base of the sections (sometimes) to keep the color separate from other hair. A saran wrap is also used to separate the sections. Why get Balayage? Because…

  • Results are more natural looking and softer

  • Very fashionable and trendy hair coloring process

  • Can make your fine hair look and feel thicker

  • Designed to mimic the shimmering effect of a summer spent at the beach

  • Enjoy softer, silkier hair with less damage and dryness.

Ombre is also a French word that means ‘shade’ or ‘shading’. Ombre is a hair coloring method in which the colors shade into each other and fade from dark to light, especially concentrating on the ends of the hair to get them more solid and leaving the base darker for a high contrast look. Ombre hair color is usually a two-step process with the base color being done first and then the highlights added to clean, dry hair. Consider the Ombre technique if you want your hair to:

  • Require very little upkeep

  • Go for months without worrying about touching up your roots

  • Get even more beautiful and alluring hair

  • Gives your hair a great visual appearance


Watergarden Outlet

Chirnside Park Outlet
Balayage (complete)* $229 $229
Ombre* $299 $299
Brights* $80 $80

*price starting from

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.