Russian Classic 2D/3D (Premade Fan)

Russian Classic 2D/3D by Maxi Care Beauty Salon.

Russian Classic 2D/3D eyelashes, as they are most commonly known, are the latest trend in the world of eyelash extensions. And it’s not difficult to see why! They manage to make lashes look super glam and voluminous, whilst still remaining natural and subtle.

This look is achieved very similarly to individual lashes. First, the natural lash is isolated. Then, where previously technicians would apply one lash, they would now apply a small fan of anything between 2 to 7 lashes.

An experienced technician will know how strong your natural lashes are. She will therefore, adjust the amount of false lashes in their fans accordingly. These fans are nothing like the premade cluster lashes that you might have had before.

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