Rejuvenating Facial

A Rejuvenating Facial is one of an all round approach that not only makes your face glow, but also leads to overall wellness. A wide range of problems can be solved if you choose this treatment for your face like wrinkles, discoloration, blemishes and others.

Maxi Care Beauty Salon and Maxi Care Beauty Secrets provide excellent service to their clients and ensures that the treatments are done carefully and in a safe environment so that it doesn’t harm them.

If you haven’t been taking care of your face the way you should, then the journey to restoring your facial skin to its natural glow and health can begin with a rejuvenating facial.

Has your skin been neglected and showing visible signs of wear and tear? This classic facial will result in radiant and healthy skin with the right moisture and pH balance. Lasting at least an hour, this indulgent experience will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and plump.

A rejuvenating facial is known to lift up the jaw line and eyebrows area. Additionally, a rejuvenating facial erases all kinds of marks from the faces such as scars and pigmentation. It also reduces all the imperfections present on the face giving you a glowing skin as an outcome.
Furthermore, a rejuvenating facial helps in ensuring proper blood circulation.

Therefore, consult our specialists and call/message us for bookings. We will let you know about which products we use. Bookings for a Rejuvenating Facial can also be made online.

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