Lash Strips

Lash Strips at Maxi Care Beauty Salon

Lash Strips have been around for a solid century now. The great thing about strip lashes v/s lash extensions is that you can change your look up every day and match your lash to your eye makeup or mood. Another benefit of strip lashes includes all the variety of shapes and styles you can choose from.

Applying lash strips involves a process of identifying your eye shape. Consequently, a choice needs to be made whether to use a wide-set or a close-set. This is followed by trimming the lash strip to its required size to fit the eye. Finally, the technician apples the glue correctly and then bonds your natural lashes and the eyelash strip together. This will give you the desirable look.
Therefore, opt for lash strips if you like to change-up your look and don’t mind spending a bit of extra time getting ready!

The listed price is for one set of lash strip only.

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