Eyelash Removal

Eyelash Extension Removal by Maxi Care Beauty Salon

The removal of eyelash extensions properly can be just as important as putting them on in the first place! ‘Cause the truth is – no matter how beautiful your lash extensions were at first, there’s going to come a time when they look kind of awkward.

Eyelash extensions are bonded tight to your lashes using surgical-grade adhesive that’s designed to withstand water, soap and sweat. The result is that it won’t come off easily. Since your lashes don’t all fall off at the same time – thank God – there’s going to be a strange transition period.

Its when most of your lash extensions have already fallen off and been replaced by your natural, shorter lashes but there are still a few long, misplaced stragglers hanging on. Not a great look. So let’s get to helping those last few persistent extensions ease gently off your lashes.

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However, if you want to do this at home, learn how to do so properly by clicking here

Removing Eyelash Extensions

And whereas you can remove eyelash extensions by yourself, the best option is to have your lash technician do it.

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