Gorgeous Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup at Maxi Care Beauty Salon

There are numerous eye makeup looks defined by leading makeup artists. Listed here are the most common ones, as gathered from the internet.

1. Natural Eyes – The simplest of all is no makeup eye look for which one stroke eye liner/kohl is enough.
2. Shimmery Eyes – This style involves applying a shimmer and eye-shadow all over the eye-lid giving your eyes a glittering touch.
3. Cat Eyes – This is the look which has been in the fashion world since the early 1950s, with extra-long and heavy eyeliner.
4. Gradient Eyes – If you like to play with colors, this will be your favorite eye makeup style. It involves using a lighter shade in the beginning while a darker one towards the end.
5. Heavy Eyeliner – Forget the eye-shadow and applying an extra thick layer of liner can be chic.
6. Cut Crease Eyes – This eye look involves adding a crease to give your shadow an ultra-glamorous look. The crease is made to contract the shades on the lid.

Come in for a quick eye makeup with professional touch, perfectly suited for any occasion you specify at Maxi Care Beauty Secrets. Show us a picture, and we’ll copy that look for you!

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